Scholarship Application Guidelines

  1. A student’s eligibility for a scholarship is based on the student's intent to seek a four-year degree at the accredited private institution of his or her choice, which receives its fundamental support from sources other than taxes.
  2. Students who plan to attend accredited private colleges or universities (not state funded colleges or universities) and who are bona fide residents of Western Washington may apply for a scholarship.
  3. It is anticipated that scholarships (other than renewals of previously awarded scholarships) will be limited to entering freshmen, with combined math and reading SAT scores (not including the score on the writing section) of over 1200 (or equivalent ACT scores). The Trustees of The Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation may also consider the applicant’s scores on the writing portion of the SAT.
  4. Students must have submitted a Free Application for Student Aid form (FAFSA) to the institution that he or she is planning to attend. For freshmen starting college during the 2019-2020 academic year, scholarships will be $5,000 per year or less. Eligibility for and amount of a scholarship is based upon demonstrated financial need as determined by the institution that the student is planning to attend. Students should have a Financial Aid Worksheet completed and signed by a Financial Aid officer from each private institution to which the student has applied.

    If you have submitted a FAFSA form to the institution but the Financial Aid officer of the institution you intend to attend is unable to provide the Financial Aid Worksheet to The Edmund F Maxwell Foundation, you may submit to the Foundation the official financial aid award letter issued to you by the institution, provided the award letter includes the (a) the total cost of attendance for the year in question, (b) your and your family’s expected financial contribution, (c) the amount of your financial need (total cost of attendance less your family’s contribution), (c) the amount of all grant and scholarship aid that has been awarded to you by the institution and other third parties (not including the amounts of loans and work study available to you), and (d) the amount of your unmet need (your financial need less the amount of grant and scholarship aid available to you).
  5. The Maxwell scholarship is designed to assist outstanding students with a portion of their cost of education. Other financial aid may be applied for and received. The Edmund F Maxwell Foundation scholarship is not intended to replace grants or scholarships otherwise available to the student from the scholar’s college, but may be used to replace work/study or need-based loans. A small number of colleges reduce the amount of their financial aid after the student’s freshman year if outside scholarships are obtained. The Maxwell scholarship will not be available at colleges or universities with such a policy known to The Edmund F Maxwell Foundation.
  6. Scholarship funds will be paid to the educational institution, which the scholarship recipient will be attending.
  7. Students must reapply to the Foundation to renew their scholarships using the scholarship renewal form available online renewal form each year they are attending college for a total of up to four academic years. Scholarship renewals are subject to the student meeting all eligibility requirements including continued financial need.
  8. The application form is only available online. The completed application including the additional information referred to in section 11 below must be submitted online to the Foundation. Applications must be submitted no later than April 30, 2019.
  9. Send a copy of the Financial Aid Worksheet and Financial Aid Worksheet Cover Page to the appropriate financial aid office of each private institution for which the applicant is seeking financial aid. Financial Aid Worksheets may be sent to multiple institutions. Students should coordinate with the financial aid offices of the private institutions to which they are applying to be sure that each institution has the information it needs in sufficient time to enable the Financial Aid Worksheets to be completed and submitted to the Foundation by the institution in a timely manner. A Financial Aid Worksheet completed by the institution the student will be attending must be received by the Foundation together with a copy of the Financial Aid Worksheet Cover Page by May 15, 2019.
  10. The recipient is expected to maintain personal performance consistent with the original award criteria and satisfactory academic performance.
  11. The application requires the following additional information to be completed and submitted online as attachments to the scholarship application by the date stated in section 8 above:
    1. Extracurricular, Personal and Volunteer Activities (Please use the format provided with the application form.)
    2. Work Experience
    3. The applicant’s essay of not more than 500 words
  12. The following additional information must be received by the Foundation by May 15, 2019:
    1. Official high school transcript (including first quarter/semester Senior year grades), verified, signed and transmitted to the Foundation by the Registrar (or equivalent Administrative Officer) of the applicant’s high school.
    2. Official SAT/ACT scores may either be reported on the applicant’s official high school transcript or delivered to the Foundation directly by the SAT or ACT. Students may request online at the College Board website that their SAT scores be sent to the Foundation. The Foundation’s College Board institutional Code is 6697. The Foundation’s ACT institutional code is 7900.
    3. The Foundation also accepts transcripts sent through Parchment. ( When ordering transcripts, be sure to list the Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation as the receiving party. Transcripts sent through Parchment may take up to 5 business days to be delivered.